We made our way from Edinburgh to Cambridge in a borrowed campervan. Several british friends referred to this as “all the way?!” with more than a touch of disbelief. The British sense of distance is certainly much more fine-tuned than that of a Kiwi – a product of the much denser population, I suppose.

We managed to catch up with a few friends in and around Cambridge before our Ryanair flight from Stansted. We were delayed, so I made a few quick drawings on a page – I would have had time to make something more elaborate but I didn’t know at the time; budget airlines seem to operate on some kind of minimum disclosure system.

photo 1

Berlin is a great city and we saw a lot while we were there. The highlight for me was the Museum für Naturkunde. Here, they have the tallest mounted dinosaur in the world, an extensive taxidermy display including Huia, Kiwi and Kakapo, and a mineral collection representing 75% of the world minerals. I didn’t manage to draw the tallest dinosaur -I couldn’t seem to fit him on the page. The smaller Diplodocus, a mere 27m, fitted just perfectly across a spread in my big book. Click the picture for a bigger version.

photo 3

The taxidermy collection was incredible. Some of my favourite pieces were a stuffed Dodo, a room full of Pandas and an elk. I didn’t draw any of those but Bobby the Gorilla, a Berlin Zoo favourite from the 1920’s and 30’s made it to this spread, along with a sabertooth tiger skull, the aforementioned kiwi and a few other bits and bobs.

photo 2


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