Paris and Brussels

The journey to Paris was a little longer than expected. We’d been unable to get a direct flight from Edinburgh at a reasonable price(the cheapest was over £300 each!), so had booked one via Manchester. A couple of delays later I have a working knowledge of airside at Manchester airport (duty free and overpriced food galore) and this drawing of fellow delayees. They all paused to have a look at the screen, which gave me just enough time to draw each person. 

We only had a few days with my parents in Paris, but managed to pack lots in: an open top bus tour, a trip up the Eiffel Tower, lots of walking around, a great art supplies shop, watching the All Blacks win and eating a very suspicious sausage. 

All this fun meant in didn’t have much time to draw, but Dad and I grabbed a few minutes at a cafe while waiting for laundry. We chose different views – in Paris everywhere looks like a painting. 


While on the bus from Paris to Brussels I managed to finally finish my ~250 page sketchbook that I bought in Vietnam. It took a long time and I never really liked the paper, so I’m pleased to have filled book number 9. 


I began my new sketchbook in my now traditional way – with a bunch of cartoon faces on the inside cover. You might recognise some from previous posts (spot Bobby the Gorilla)- I like to repeat unsuspecting strangers I’ve drawn in the last book as well as making up some wackiness.

In Brussels there were plenty of my old favourite subjects to draw- buildings, bottles and toys.

Despite the spire this isnt a church – Brussels town hall.


Porte de Halle. The old gatehouse in Brussels
The view from Pippa’s front window.


Chimay red is good, but blue is better
And then we were off – Ryanair flight back to Scotland. 



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