The late arrival and 30 mile detour of an early morning taxi resulted in a sprint through the airport to make our flight to Basel. We spent two weeks in Switzerland, mainly in Zurich with Phil, a great friend of mine from school and university.  He was pretty busy with work and moving apartments but still showed us around Zurich, took us to the orchestra and a tango garden party! Oh and we managed to get to Lugano for a Jose Gonzalez concert and Bern for a bit of a look too.   



England and Wales

We spent about a month staying with friends and couchsurfing in England and Wales. It has been nice slowing down after our swift pace in Asia. 



We flew from Frankfurt to Barcelona, checked out Gaudi’s architecture, drank sangria and ate tapas for a few days before heading south for a week of relaxing at an apartment by the beach in Malaga and Estepona. Good to have a holiday from our holiday. 


Frankfurt and Mainz

We arrived in Frankfurt in a daze after an overnight flight. The efficiency and cleanliness of Germany was pretty amazing after India – as were the prices and temperature. 

We had some great couchsurfing hosts, ate white asparagus, explored Frankfurt old town and drank white wine on the banks of the Rhine in Mainz.



After 17 days road tripping around India seeing forts and palaces, eating great curry and feeling hot we’re now enjoying much cooler weather and different delicious food in Frankfurt. 

I drew almost every day while we were in India. Here are a few sketchbook pages.  


Welcome to India

The flight from Bangkok to Delhi was a dinner and three beers long. The days are hot, the food is delicious, the buildings are beautiful and there are cows everywhere. 




Vietnam is an amazing country. Crazy busy cities, quiet rice fields, delicious fresh food and spectacular scenery(even by New Zealand standards). 

But the thing I notice most is the transport. Motorbikes are parked in every available space and I you’re near a body of water you can hear the “putt-putt” of a little motor propelling a sampan. 




Through the power of the internet I met up with a couple of local sketchers in Ho Chi Minh City. Phong and The were very welcoming and friendly. It was great to flick through each others sketchbooks and make some art. They are both gifted and prolific sketchers. You can see more of Phong’s work here.

As always I was too slow to finish on site, so I added watercolour and some extra ink in a hotel room later.

I also managed to get a shot of my fan club; an enthusiastic audience seems to turn up whenever I draw on the street in Asia. 





It seemed that everyone in Siem Reap spends half a day looking at 2 or 3 temples. Not us – three days of exploring by car and tuktuk took us to 10 temples, all of which were amazing. It was hot and we got sweaty, so I got a moto back to the one with the most shade to draw. 

Ta Prohm is overgrown with tall trees and was used as the set for Tomb Raider. There’s a extra attraction in there that’s in none of the guidebooks – a kiwi guy sitting in the shade drawing. Everyone gets a photo with him.